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        My name is Eldon James Brown and I am seeking justice and accountability for former California Public Utilities Commission Ratepayer Advocate Mrs. Jacqueline Greig and her daughter Janessa, I am urgently asking for your help.

        I am just an ordinary citizen with very little resources, but what I do have is a single voice and a passion for championing those who are unable to do so for themselves. Ever since I read the story of Mrs. Jacqueline Greig and her now deceased beautiful daughter Janessa, I have been driven to speak out concerning what I consider to be, a murder. The circumstances surrounding the September 9, 2010 massive natural gas explosion have always struck me as odd, being that Pacific Gas & Electric has a history of unethical activities in the past. The more research I conducted, the more convinced that I became that this was in fact, a crime.

        Considering the rather obvious circumstances that Mrs. Jacqueline Greig was a CPUC Ratepayer Advocate who’s job it was to defend the public’s tax dollars from excessive  overcharging at the hands of PG&E; and that all too ironically, Mrs. Greig  was listed as a member of the natural gas committee on the National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates, I think that this may have been homicide. Mrs. Greig had the respect of her fellow CPUC co-workers as well as the activists in her community, this leads me to believe that she was a thorn in the side of one of the most well funded and politically connected utilities in the country. She would not have been the first to fall victim to the greed and power embodied in large utilities such as this one,”Karen Gay Silkwood” (February 19, 1946 – November 13, 1974) immediately comes to mind.

        It is my sincere hope that should I not be able to continue my advocacy for the late Mrs. Greig and her daughter, a person of moral character with belief in the virtues of truth  would carry on for me. Any assistance toward the effort to find justice for Mrs. Greig and her daughter would be greatly appreciated. Please understand, this is not a plea for money. Any technical advice, journalistic experience and or professional legal assistance would be of the utmost value. Please also publicize this blog on any social media that you may utilize such as Twitter, Facebook etc. as sunshine is the best friend of truth. You may of course post your comments and thoughts as often as you like however, constructive ideas and sentiments are favored most. You may also contact me personally through my email below and my main blog, The All Star Activist. Thank you and God bless.

Eldon James Brown


        This is my main blog, The All Star Activist, and is where my life is primarily chronicled. I started The All Star Activist blog to display the conditions of the 107 year old dilapidated SRO (Single Residence Occupancy) slum hotel in which I reside. At first I had intended the blog to strictly be about my activism concerning the hotel however, the stories and content that I now post has necessarily expanded and evolved. Because the story of Jacqueline and her daughter Janessa bothered me so much and kept popping into my consciousness so frequently, I would find myself weaving their plights into stories that really didn’t address the issue properly. So, that was when I decided to go all in and create a forum that was completely devoted to what I believe really happened to them since they deserve nothing less. I so hope that those responsible do not get away with this abominable crime and sin and are eventually made accountable for what they have done to these two innocents.

        I feel this blog is particularly poignant with the recent news story of Miriam Carey getting executed on October 5, 2013 for running away from a Washington DC police barricade, while her one year old daughter had to watch her mother die. It would seem that it is becoming “open season” on mothers with their daughters now by the authoritarians and wealthy elites. After all, what better way to perfectly express Satan’s rising dominance of humanity than to perpetrate the most egregious and heinous of acts, the killing of the most vulnerable and sacrosanct, represented no better than in the life affirming relationship between a mother and her child.

The main blog of Eldon James Brown (me) - The All Star Activist.

The main blog of Eldon James Brown (me) – The All Star Activist.